Moshi Monsters New Moshlings

Hello Moshi Monters lovers. Here is a list of all the Moshi Monsters New Moshlings that are not yet released into the Moshi Monsters world. Moshi Monsters is always coming out with new moshlings and they have revealed a lot of them that are not released yet.

We have put together a long list of Moshlings that you will see in the near future. Below you will find a short description of each moshling that you will see later on. Some may be released sooner than others.

moshi monsters new moshlings

We don’t know which Moshlings will be released first; however, we do know that Moshi Mosnters is coming out with some cool ones in the next few months.

Moshi Monsters New Moshlings

Here are the Moshlings that have not been released yet. Learn about them by reading their descriptions.

1. ┬áProf. Heff Moshling – Prof. Heff is part of the Brainies set and is number 176 of all the Moshlings. He belongs to the Molecular Chef species and is an ultra rare Moshling. You may have to spend some time trying to catch him.

2. Lurgee Moshling – The Lurgee Moshling is part of a set called teh Yuckies. This Moshling is nuber 049 and is an uncommon Moshling. He is also part of the Sniffly Splurgee species. You won’t have to spend as much time trying to catch him in your garden as Prof. Heff.

3. Hocus Moshling – Hocus the Wonky Wizard is a common Moshling and belongs to the Gurus set. He is number 033 and belongs to the Wonky Wizard and Wonky Wowza species.

4. Hoolio Moshling – Hoolio is number 017 and is part of the RoxStars set. He is consider part of the Creepy Crooner species family and is an uncommon moshling. Hoolio is a fairly new moshling and you can get him by collecting Ecto Gloops.

5. Topsy Turvy Moshling – This Moshling is unreleased so you haven’t seen it yet. Topsy Turvy is a rare Moshling and is considered a Tardy Timer species. It is number 119 of all the Moshlings and is part of the Nicknacks set. Make sure to look out for him in the future.

We will always be updating this Moshi Monsters New Moshlings page so make sure to keep checking back to find out the inside scoop of you new favorite moshlings.

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16 Responses to Moshi Monsters New Moshlings

  1. MORGAN-LEE says:

    how do you get furnando?

  2. cian085 says:

    who is topsy turvy?

  3. NeedHelp says:

    How do you get Willow?

    • kora says:

      you have to down load moshi village on a smart phone, ipod touch or tablet and play for a little bit, build a letter shop then when built click it and go to the present look in the safe it says a code if not check later its for willow use the code online in seceret codes then put the code in get the seed and go to your garden and plant willows seed and 2 other seeds then wait 7 hours for nonmember if member wait 3hours

    • kasmo1718 says:

      you have to download moshi monster village u get a code type it in and get a twistletoe berry plant it with any other two (2)

  4. PleaseHelp says:

    how do you get the Lergee Moshling???

  5. Hi guys.I was wondering how to get some moshlings so I came up with an idea for THIS website only!!!!You could make secret codes based on how to get moshlings so if you want to use MY idea I would be really happy right now.So I will give you my Moshi Monsters information!!!My monsters name is Diavlo but the 1 I picked was 95busyyellow,and my password is audris49 so bye-bye guys :-)!!!!!!!!!

  6. drawguy says:

    Can someone please tell me what ecto gloops are a nd ho to get hoolio
    Please :)

  7. drawguy says:

    and + how are wrong sorry :/

  8. Blingoandzackbinspin says:

    Can you make a list of all the moshlings and add me I’m mspluva33 and my BFF disco34fish

  9. alexis says:

    and vinnie-2014

  10. kasmo1718 says:

    do you have any competition for any codes to be sent to our emails

  11. Micah says:

    I know this question is off topic but, do you know what is the rarest color for each plant? Right now I am trying to get Bentley, I have 2 of the right colors which is 2 Black Star Blossom. And the last color and plant is Black Moon Orchid. And I always get a different color so just wonder if you know the rarest color for each plant. Plus people say Doris is hard to get …

  12. how wants this old cool account user nevesb123 pass nevesb1234

  13. patricia says:

    how do you get mrs. snoodles? and thats list was a long lst of the oriangels ones THOSE ARE NOT MOSHLINGS!

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