Moshi Monsters Membership Hack

There are many different ways to get a Moshi Monsters Membership hack; however, not all of them are safe to use and could get your account banned for life. That being said, our team has developed the best and safest Moshi Monsters membership hack for you to download and use. When you download this hack you will get either a six month or 12 month free membership to play with.

*No special requirements needed for download

To get the Moshi Monsters membership hack all you need to do is find our download button and save it to your computer and wait. Thats it. We are often updating our software program so if you don’t see the download button come back later in the day to get it. Just a few simple steps that’s it!

Moshi Monsters Membership Hack

So why do you need a free Moshi Monsters Membership? When you have a free Moshi Monsters membership you get many game features that you don’t get when you are not a member. For example, you get to have eleven best friends on your friends list, you get super seeds and you get to become a super moshi trying to complete all the missions. You really can’t go wrong with getting a game membership.

Moshi Monsters Membership Video

With a membership you will find yourself playing for hours at a time while having fun. Well that’s all we have for now, enjoy the free Moshi Monsters membership hack and download it right now. All we ask is that you like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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48 Responses to Moshi Monsters Membership Hack

  1. SmartSophie says:

    Where is the link?

  2. Grete says:

    Where is the the download button?

  3. hitman says:

    can i be a member ship for 12 months my user is naafe3 make it a membership for 12 months

  4. buttercup says:

    where is the download button

  5. minecraftboy100 says:

    i need that

  6. Christian says:

    Thank you for the membership

  7. HyperSonicSeal777 says:

    Were Do You Download The Hack Or Any Thing I Have Been Looking For Sites Like This For 3 Days Now Because I Lost My Mebership Card D=

  8. Lilian says:

    hey umm, i couldn’t find out wich one was the real download button so i want to download it but i don’t want click the wrong the wrong download button so yeah… if you find out wich one it is please tell me

  9. Rose79128 says:

    Why do you need to take of the download button?????? i wanna download now but i kept waiting and waiting and waiting how much longer???? :( :( :(

  10. Kritchanon says:

    I’m going to download it on my computer today if I see the download button!!!

  11. Valerie says:

    which download button is it, there are 2 of them. And is it safe to use on my computer?

  12. saldua aeryl says:

    can you please make mine a member i subscribed your youtube page and liked your facebook page my username is curios25twisty

  13. lydia peterman says:

    wow that this is a great website i wander if moshi staff has seen this this is graet i will download all of this stuff soon

    just a moshi monster lover

    • Caitlin Sampson says:

      Actually lydia peterman, if the moshi staff knew about this…
      Well, I don’t THINK it’s illegal. But you’re not supposed to do do this. You are supposed to pay for membership.

      Just pointing it out!

  14. Faizan Aziz says:

    I entered the moshi monsters free member ship hack when the results will be announced. My moshi name is goongold123\

  15. itz_froakie says:

    please can i have a free membership

  16. christian says:


  17. bobthewizard says:

    wow really cool cheat i downloaded it its sooooooooo cool

  18. My Dauter Loves Moshi Monsters And She Really Wants To Be A Member So She Is Very Excited That This Is Her Only Chance To Be A Member THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! She Is Sooooooo Excited. She Says That This Is The best Website Thx So Much For This amazing Website!!! My Dauters Username Is Ghostsnuggly96 And Her Password Is Juliana.

    • Caitlin Sampson says:


      I don’t think you should have told everyone her password. Someone could hack her account!!!!

      Oh dear…

  19. cool and awesome and lol and wow andj2hye73

  20. niziere says:

    im going to be a member

  21. Arpita says:

    Dear Moshi Monsters Planet,

    I would like to find out when your Free Moshi Monsters Membership Software’s download button will get on this page again. I am really looking forward to trying it. But, please follow my important suggestions below.
    Suggestion 1: Please make sure that this software does not have any viruses or hacking stuff that can get personal details.
    Suggestion 2: Please make sure that this software does not need a survey at any time, whether downloading it or using it.
    Suggestion 3: Please try this software a few times before putting the download button on this page.
    Suggestion 4: Please do not use any stuff that can hack personal details in the software.
    Suggestion 5: This is an optional suggestion. Try to make the software a Moshi Monsters Membership Code Generator.

    Thank you for reading my letter and please reply back to me and add me on Moshi Monsters. My Moshi Monsters Username is: love65snuggling


  22. Arpita says:

    Dear Moshi Monsters Planet,

    Where is the download button? Please put it on. I need it urgently. Thanks.

    Please do so,

  23. _awk0aye03 says:

    moshi monsters planet…

    can you give me a site that will give me moshi membership without using downloads?


  24. nali says:

    omg! i really want to be a member!

  25. gulsha says:

    Pleez pleez pleez show me how to get codes without using hacks and downloads

  26. Lucy says:

    Moshi planet please add a download button

    • Amber says:

      Dear Moshi Monsters Planet,
      Please make a code or something so I don’t have to download anything because my parents do not allow me to download anything and does this Have a virus?


  27. caitlin8766 says:

    can u give moshi member codes for best adopters

  28. alisha hilon says:

    i would like to know how to be a membership on moshi monsters and how to play games and give gitfs to my freinds

  29. Isra says:

    Add me on Moshi Monsters:


  30. Kylie says:

    That’s just swack °̩ want to be a moshi member

  31. AwesomeGuy says:

    Where is the download button? i don’t know which one it is :(

  32. emma says:

    were is the download button?

  33. Caitlin Sampson says:

    I can’t find the download button.
    I hope I get a 12 month. So it’s totally free?

    Friend me monstermash394

  34. selina says:

    Please I want to be a moshi member. My username is: Stariea1
    12 months will be great. But I will have a membership. I dont care about the membership is 1 months.. But my big wish and dream is a to be a moshi meber.

    Ps: I cannot find the download button?!?

  35. dear moshi monster planet help i can not find the page

  36. minecon2014 says:

    were is the download button?

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