Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes 2013

This is a perfect time for you to get a Moshi Monsters Free Membership codes 2013 card! If you are here right now that means you are looking for a free membership for Moshi Monsters and we are here to help you out with that.

What we will do for our visitors is give them a chance to win a free membership from us. The number of memberships we give out depends on the number of visitors and likes we have.

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes 2013 Video

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes 2013 Giveaway

So you may be wondering how I win  free Moshi Monsters membership. It is simple. Check out the steps below to earn a chance at a free membership!


Click on the Facebook link below and like our Facebook page.

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes 2013


Fill out the information in the form below so we can contact you if you are the winner! We need your name that is shown on Facebook so we know you liked our page. The Moshi Monster username is used to announce the winner. If you win we will announce it as the username and not the actual name. Your email address is used so we can email you if you are the winner. Your email address, name or username will never be given out to anyone else. The username will be displayed over the Facebook and website if you are the winner! In the subject line you need to type in all capital letters FREE MEMBERSHIP GIVEWAY. Thats all you have to do for a chance to win a Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes 2013 giveaway challenge. We will have our first drawing when our Facebook likes reach 100 people. After that we will hold random membership drawings as well for our Facebook fans.

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124 Responses to Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes 2013

  1. viola says:

    thanks moshi monster planet you are the best

  2. viola says:


  3. sritej says:

    thanks a lot moshimonstersplanet

  4. jade says:

    what if you don’t have facebook then what will you do

  5. kendra says:

    thanks :)

  6. mehak says:

    thank u so much

  7. jiaern says:

    cool and thankyou

  8. majd says:

    help me get membership

  9. GamerMelody says:

    Thank you so MUCH!

    Thank you MoshiMonstersPlanet!

  10. nicole says:

    i liked it I want memebership know plz

  11. Sashi says:

    I’m 11. I don’t have facebook!

  12. mia says:

    Thank u so much hope u pick me xxoo

  13. blake says:

    i dont hev facebook could you send one to my email

    • sasha says:

      i wish u would give me this years because i never had membership i’m not there in facebook so what can i do,hope you’ll do something
      good luck guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cj says:

    i wanna be a member i wanna be a member!im cottoncandy1071 on moshi monsters. i was a member for three days. i wanna be a member again. only for a year.

  15. vanessa says:

    I want the membership because I’m sick of not having membership? ondary me? if you do I’ll give you whatever

  16. ange_girl737 says:

    i really love it,so! love love love!

  17. kendra says:

    cool I hope that you pick me! I’ve wanted a membership for sooo long now I might get one!!! :)

  18. mark joshua says:

    please pick me!

  19. crytodie says:

    I really like Moshi Monsters, and I always wanted to be a member even if that is the only chance I could be. I hope you would pick me 😀


  20. Sweetroxy28 says:

    Please moshimonstersplanet i been waiting to be picked i havent been one before

  21. banadra says:

    too much

  22. jinnkazama says:

    plz it doesn’t giving mee

  23. mehroz786 says:

    sorry my name is mehroz786 on moshi monsters sorryyy

  24. mehroz786 says:

    my name is mehroz786 I wrote jinkazama it is wrong

  25. thunderboltz30 says:

    Thank u so much MMPlanet hope u pick me :)

  26. emelia says:

    thankyou hope you choose me

  27. Simeran Gill says:

    thank you so mush and add me my name is Simerangill so add me and i will add you bye

  28. Sarah ;D says:

    all the codes worked

    don’t forget to add me


  29. Amber Smith says:

    Hi my name is amber and i do not have a facebook account and i play moshi monsters my name on it is :keeper12401 and i really want a membership. Can you please send me a membership ?:)

  30. arielle says:

    I don’t have facebook, so is there another way I can win???

  31. mia says:

    I really want membership! Please, do me a favour and pick me.

  32. Faizan Aziz says:

    hope you will select me plz select
    me :)

  33. saldua aeryl says:

    i liked your fb page a bajillion times so can you pls give me a membership :'( please

  34. adgjl says:

    What is “Subject (required)” ?

  35. Sarah says:

    Thx so much MoshiMonstersPlanet!!! I am crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. This is the 1st web I might actually have a chance on!!! Thx again so much.


  36. bomb102 says:

    thank you for doing this contest, it doesn’t matter if i win at least i got to do it.

  37. kiske9 says:

    i cant have membership hack plz help

  38. bomb102 says:

    you guys (or girls) are the best

  39. willow says:

    um…I am sheriffwoody2003 on moshis and don’t have a facebook account soo could u plz do a DIFFRENT compo so I can take part? :(

  40. khadija says:

    thanks please pick me and i hope this is not a trick …..
    thanks again

  41. savannah says:

    thanks your the best ever your site is awesome im going to tell all my friends about it thanks

  42. Viveca Yin Roske says:

    Please give me membership!

  43. jordan says:

    tnx for membership (:

  44. Yunus says:

    Please give me a CODE !!!

  45. michael says:

    have you got it

  46. Tanisha says:


  47. chloe says:

    im baecken on moshi monsters and i think it is classical ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  48. chloe says:

    im erinem on moshimonsters everyone add me my name is ERINEM

  49. KirieLawliet says:

    I’m wait for it. I will gratefull if this works.

  50. kahli says:

    do you just get it

  51. paolo says:

    thank you 10x so much for membership i hope i will win

  52. Dojge says:

    Can I have one membership please cause i want to unlock all the things that a moshi member can.. Thank you for you cooperation… i already like your page in facebook and i even invited my friends to like your facebook page, so please pick me.. thank you!

  53. grace says:

    thank you so much

  54. alexus says:

    i need a moshi monsters member ship so i can do stuff

  55. maya says:

    guys this one’s for you:i bought a membership card and am not using it . so , you people can use it :4809763453M

  56. Czarina says:

    Hi, I don’t have a facebook account but I would really like a moshi monsters membership Username:Leopardz9922


  57. Astrid says:

    thx for the membership!!!!!! <3 😀

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  59. hi please send me a moshi member ship code(2013) in my gmail account I want to have a trial member ship at least for 24 hours

  60. mitcycole555 says:

    hope fully we win becouse we have never won enything

    good luck????????????????????????????????????

  61. alex says:

    i love your web and you are very nice guy your my best web

  62. brandon says:

    i dont have a membership but i want one

  63. Hatsune Miku says:

    Can’t wait to receive my membership!!!!!

  64. astrawberry says:

    thanks soo much

  65. John Geoffrey says:

    Thank You So Much Moshi Monster Planet!

    Hope You Pick Me!


  66. michael rubens says:

    hi my name michael i want a membership card so i can do a lot in moshi monsters i sure hope i win

  67. shamma says:

    what shall i do
    i wrote my name, email , Facebook and moshi monster username
    and they said that “my message has success and thank you”
    what i do next

  68. Ashlie Henson says:

    i have never won any thing on any games so pretty please pick out my name on facebook*Ashlie Henson Littlefield* i have completed all steps xx

  69. Alayna says:

    guys you can have my membership it is 54T78G5E44I

  70. Pls pls pls pls pls pick me as the winner and thx u r the best moshi monsters planet

  71. bubblegum says:

    do u have any membership codes ( I’m only 9 so i can’t go on facebook).

  72. ameerah imaan says:

    hi I really want a Moshi monster membership card but I don’t have Facebook can I have a code for the membership card please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. mary8 says:

    can I ask you something? what I must write on “subject”??

  74. mary8 says:

    can I ask you something? what I must write on “subject”??

  75. john rey says:

    Plsss i hope i win!!!! Plss let me win!!! never get a membership Before in my Life!!!!!

  76. Hamster says:

    :) I’m Good Dude I Need A MemberShip Actually, I Like Your Comments Everyone’s Cool I Never Get A Good Membership :(.

  77. Hamster says:

    Facebook Name: Matty Matt
    I hope I win :)

  78. Hassan says:

    I can’t wait I want to be membership now and thanks moshi monsters planet :)

  79. Alyssa says:

    hi i am only 4 years old and i am very poor pleas can i have a code i am not allowed a facebook acount so pleas help i am upset lots of pepole in my family are dying my aunt is in hosptial i cry my eyes out and my cousin when ever she hears his mummy”s voice he runs to the door he really miss is her i am going to see her to day with him and i have a broken arm

  80. kasia says:

    good luck every1

  81. Katlyn025 says:

    I really hope I win because their is alot of things I would like to do on moshi monsters. ;):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Taniapham says:

    Please it will be me!

  83. juliana wix says:

    just wanted to know if you would be doing this for 2014! because if so pick me i am so wanting this i have asked my parents for this on my birthday for 2 years and on christmas for 3 years!! they said that they wont have enough money for it so if you please could do this for 2014 and pick me if you do this message was not a lie at all PLZZZZZZ!!!!!! :)

  84. connie says:

    i’m desperate my friend are members im the only one:(

  85. branka N says:

    please can you give me a membership? i have never gotten a membership in my life. i will do anything for a membership

    thank you moshimonster planet

  86. Lillian says:


    I would like a moshi monsters membership. My real name is Lillian but my moshi monsters account is katsumaisawesome4.


  87. codrin129 says:

    Tanks :3

  88. ann says:

    pick me. im from croatian so i can buy membership. please geave me free MEMBRSHIP :)

  89. daniel says:

    hey guys i did what you asked so im begging YOU PLEASE GIVE ME MEMBERSHIP THANK YOU

    p.s i posted on

  90. LUVLI_MARIE says:

    hi monsters Luvli here i want u to take the mem of the hall.

  91. madeeha says:

    never mind I got it
    please choose me I never been a member

  92. THE BEST 1 OF ALL !!!!!! says:

    errrrrrrrr if u want to pick someone its me !!! xxxx good luck to u all tho !! xoxoxo really hope u all win :) <3

  93. katy says:

    how easy was that

  94. Madalyn says:

    i don’t have a facebook accont can i still have a membership

  95. Sidney Cobb says:

    This website is the new way to be the best!!

  96. jinder123 says:


  97. craftyloud123 says:

    what should we put in the subject box ?

  98. sandra says:

    can l please have one moshi monster membership code.
    Its been years that l haven’t got one.

  99. YOLANDE says:

    if I don’t I would like to congratiolate who ever won
    GOOD Luck to everyone!!!

  100. i already have membership i am not going to get another one am i.
    you can get a membership card in a shop like woolworths!
    please add me princess82magical!

  101. horze says:

    I don’t have fb can I do some thing else

  102. daizy martinez says:

    i hope i have the chance to win my family is not able to my the membership card i really hope i get to win the membership card

  103. gabriel says:

    can you gve me some moshimonster membership card ???

  104. Desiree says:

    Thank you! I hope you chose me! I never win for anything, but it’s worth a shot to try and win!

    Chose me please!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) :) :)
    Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. i want to be a member plz! :):)

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