Moshi Monsters Cheats For Level Up Faster

Moshi Monsters cheats for level up fasterEveryone is looking for Moshi Monsters cheats for level up faster so we are sharing some cheats and secrets to get your Moshi Monster to the highest level possible within the shortest amount of time. However, it is not as easy as it may sound. You will have to put in much needed time and effort everyday to get your monster to a higher level. Every time you adobt a new monster you must start it at level one and work its way up to level two. It should be known as well that leveling up at the lower levels is much easier than leveling up at the higher levels.

For example, it will take less work for you to level up from a level one to a level two than it would leveling up from a level seven to a level eight. That is why we are going to give you some Moshi Monsters cheats for level up faster.

Moshi Monsters Cheats For Level Up Faster

Every time you level up your Moshi Monsters will do a cute little dance with confetti falling from above. You will also be given a trophy for completing that level in which you can put in your room on a shelf if you would like. These trophies have no Rox value; however, you can sell them at the store if you don’t want to hang on to them any longer.

You first must know that each day you can only gain so many XP points that work towards leveling up. However, there are certain Moshi Monsters cheats for level up to gain all these XP points. To gain all your experience points the first thing you must do is make your Moshi Monster happy and healthy. If your pet is not happy and healthy you will not gain any experience points that day. There are several things you can do to keep your pet both happy and healthy. The first thing to do is feed your pet everyday consisting of different types of food. Some types of food are better for your pet such as the broccoli. However, it is good to diversify your food options including drinks.

Some Moshi Monsters cheats for level up faster that keep your pet happy is to take your pet shopping. Doesn’t shopping and buying things make you feel better? Well, that is the same for your pet. Your pet will be happy if you buy it things. You can buy clothes for it or buy items to put in the house. Decorating your house also helps level up fast as well. You should always be updating your wall or floor as you level up. This will speed up the leveling as well.

Moshi Monsters Cheats For Level Up Faster

Dressing up your Moshi Monsters will help gain points as well. There are certain stores that you can by different dress items for your pet and there are many different options to choose from. The stores change inventory each day so you may find some rare items that give more experience points than others.

Another Moshi Monsters cheats for level up faster is to buy a new house design and a second room. Everyone loves a bigger house and so does your pet so why not buy a new house and and another room.

Another piece of the puzzle is to tickle your pet every day. When you do this you will see your pet laugh and smile.

The last few things for Moshi Monsters cheats for level up faster are crucial and if you don’t do these it will take forever to level up. The biggest thing you can do to level up is to play the daily challenge every time you sign on. Just click on the puzzles button in your room to play. You also gain more experience points playing in the other puzzle games and by competing in multiplayer games. Make sure you are visiting the theme park and playing those games as well. These will also give your pet experience points and Rox.

If you are consistently doing all these Moshi Monsters cheats for level up faster each day than you will reach your desired level in no time and will level up faster than other players. If you have other secrets for leveling up faster please leave us a comment to share with the rest of the players. Have fun playing Moshi Monsters!

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