How To Get Willow On Moshi Monsters

Great news, we have just learned how to get Willow on Moshi Monsters! We are now going to share with your how you can get the new moshlings as well. Take a look below if you want to know how to get Willow.

Click To Get Willow On Moshi Monsters

To get Willow you need to download the Moshi Monsters Village App on your iPhone or iPad. Next, go to the gift shopa nd click on the safe icon at the top of the screen. Notice, you will have to unlock the gift shop feature by completing specific quests in the Moshi Monsters Village App.

After you click on the safe icon click on the Moshi Monsters Online Code. You will have the code to a unique moshling seed to plant. However, you first need to type the code into the Moshi Mosnters code generator to get the seed.

I wish we could give you the Willow code; however, you can only use the code once so it wouldn’t help you out at all. Instead just download the free app and start playing. It is actually pretty fun to play. You will have to level up a few times and complete several different guests before you can unlock the gift shop.

Once you have recieved the code write it down on a piece of paper so you don’t lose it. Then head over to the code generator to type the code in.

When you have the seed go to your Moshling garden and plant the Twistletoe Berries seed with any other two regular seeds. If you are a member then just wait three hours to get your Willow Moshling. If you are not a member you will have to wait six hours. If you are not a member and would like a free membership then check out our free Moshi Monsters membership page to try to get a free one.

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12 Responses to How To Get Willow On Moshi Monsters

  1. daniel says:

    this code does not work

  2. Mai says:

    :( these codes do not work. Sad face.i really want Willow.

    • MoshiMonsterPlanet19 says:

      Guys, to get Willow you have to get your own code by playing the Moshi Village app game. You CAN’T use the code that is on the walkthrough video! thanks.

  3. muishui2708 says:

    this code does not work
    you are right guys

  4. Stella saville burley says:

    the villige app is so cool! <3 😀 :p

  5. Stella saville burley says:

    he he thats me up there! :l

  6. Stella saville burley says:

    ok heres some moshling codes: hobbididance

    thay all 100% WORK!!! 😀 😀 oo

  7. 50alisa says:

    erm plealse if you can get a code for willow without using it and i would rate so much of your website they will tell you there names so you could send messeges

    i am poppet
    name 50alisa

  8. neve says:

    Ok sis stop talking now!

  9. Lol says:

    smily face

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