Cupcake Cavern Game Cheats

To locate and play Moshi Cupcakes you need to go to the Candy Caves and scroll all the way to the right. You will then see the Cupcake Cavern where you can play the Moshi Cupcakes game. The Cupcake Cavern game Moshi Cupcakes is a very popular game among the moshi players. This game is awesome because you can attract new moshlings.

Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game Cheats

The rules of the Moshi Cupcakes game are pretty simple. All you have to do is mix the right ingredients together to make different cupcakes and to attract unique moshlings. There are the main ingredients in which you need to in order to make cupcakes and there are extra ingredients that you can add for different flavors. Once you mix the batter together you then get to choose different frostings and toppings. Depending on the recipe you will attract new moshlings. There are a total of fifteen different moshlings you can attract.

Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game All Moshlings

Here is a list of all fifteen moshlings you can get by mixing different ingredients. They are as follows: Chop-Chop, Squidge, Ecto, Dipsy, Jeepers, McNulty, Sooki-Yaki, Tiki, General Fuzuki, Shelby, DJ Quack, IGGY, Liberty, Mr Snoodles and White Fang. When you attract a moshling you will receive a picture that you can print out to hold on to.

Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game Cheats Ingredients

Here we have put together all the ingredients for you to attract all the moshlings. Use our Moshi Monsters Cupcake cheats to get the moshlings on your first try each time. There are of course other combinations you can use to attract moshlings; however, these are the easiest ones that we have found and will for sure work.


  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Use Vanilla which is the white color icing.
  • Topping: Nut


  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Use Vanilla which is the white color icing.
  • Topping: Slopcorn.


  • Flavoring: Cocoa
  • Icing: Brown which is chocolate
  • Topping: Sludge Fudge and Chocolate Chip


  • Flavoring: Vanilla
  • Icing: Use Vanilla which is the white color icing.
  • Topping: Barfmellow


  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Use Vanilla which is the white color icing.
  • Topping: Star Candy, Sludge Fudge


  • Flavoring: Cocoa
  • Icing: You don’t need to add any icing to this cupcake.
  • Topping: Don’t put any toppings on it either.


  • Flavoring: Cocoa
  • Icing: Put the Stawberry icing on.
  • Topping: None


  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Blueberry icing will work great which is the blue one.
  • Topping: Cherry

General Fuzuki:

  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Time to top it off with some green slime.
  • Topping: None


  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Put some more green slime on it.
  • Topping: Fudge

DJ Quack:

  • Flavoring: Orange
  • Icing: Just stick with the white vanilla icing.
  • Topping: Scummi Worm


  • Flavoring: none
  • Icing: Just use the white vanilla again.
  • Topping: None


  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Use the regular white vanilla icing.
  • Topping: Star Candy

Mr Snoodles:

  • Flavoring: Orange
  • Icing: The white Vanilla icing will work best here.
  • Topping: None

White Fang

  • Flavoring: None
  • Icing: Again, just stay with the white Vanilla icing.
  • Topping: One of each!

Moshi Monsters Moshi Cupcakes Video

We hope you enjoyed our Moshi Monsters Cupcake game cheats. Let us know what you think of this game by leaving a comment below. Have fun and good luck attracting new moshlings. To get all the moshlings seed combinations check out our Moshlings Combinations page.

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