Lets be honest, Moshi Monsters is a lot more fun when you have a lot of codes to use while playing. These Moshi Monsters codes are used for many different things including rox, clothing items, seeds and even house decorations.
Depending on what code you type in to IGGY will determine what type of prize you will receive. All the codes below are for Moshi Monsters codes 2014.

Just like every other Moshi Monster code in the past, you can only use these codes once per account. If they don’t work then you have either used the code before or Moshi Monsters simply discontinued the code.

If you are not sure where to enter the code make sure to check out our Where to Enter Moshi Monsters Codes page.

Moshi Monsters Codes

Below are all the codes for 2014. As more codes are added we will arrange them in different categories so it is easy for you to find the Moshi Monsters codes 2014 you are looking for.

2014 Membership Codes

Updated February 9


Updated December 8

FRIGID – Enter to find out!

Updated December 2

THANKFUL – Type in to find out!

Updated November 14

BAGGAGE – Enter to find out!

ROARS – Roarberry Cheesecake

Updated August 8th

Quick – 97 Rox

Updated August 1st

OOHSKY – Beanstalk Wallpaper

VROOM – Skeeter Rydell’s Scooter

BITSMELLY – Beanstalk Giant’s T-Shirt

BEANSTALK260 – Beanstalk Slide


Updated July 18th

SILLY – Silly Chili Food

Updated July 12th

WEEKEND – 99 Rox

Updated July 5th

GROSS – Sludge Fudge

Updated July 2nd

COLLIDE – 100 Rox

Updated July 1st

WELOVESLOPCORN – Bop Corn Seed for Pops Moshling

Updated June 13th

BLOCK – 250 R0x

Updated June 6th

PATCHWORK – Patch the Scare Bear

Updated May 30th

DOUGH – 123 Rox

Updated May 23rd

FRUITY – Fango Mandango Drink

Updated May 11th

SPLURT – Slug Slurp Slushie

Updated May 7th

GOLDENGULL39 – Cap’n Buck’s Ship Wallpaper

MOSHIMAG42 – 50 Rox

5GOOFYPALS – 150 Rox

Updated May 3rd

JELLYSHAKE – Bean Trophy Yellow


RICCARDOROCKS – Bean Trophy Purple

Updated April 29th

TOOT2 – 127 Rox

Updated April 21st

BASKET – Easter Bunny Cuddly Human

Updated April 20th

JACKSON9 – Golden Jackson Movie Statue

MARTY15 – Golden Marty Movie Statue

BLINKI22 – Golden Blinki Movie Statue

FITCH34 – Golden Fitch Movie Statue

Updated April 16th

GUDGE – Sludge Fudge

Updated April 5th

TRIXIE – 96 Rox

Updated March 29th

SWOON – Eyescream Sundae

Updated March 21st

RAZMATAZ – 125 Rox

Updated March 17th

CHOMP – Mississippi Mud Pie

SLIMY – Slime Rickey

AWESOMEBEAN – Bean Trophy Blue


Updated March 15th

SEALIFE – Jellyfish Disco

22PINKPANS – 150 Rox

HUGPUGLY – Bean Trophy Green

Update March 7th

ROXPOX – 221 Rox

Updated February 28th

SOOK – 159 Rox

Updated February 24th

DIGICOOLER – Water Cooler

Updated February 21st

DOODLE – sunshine Berries

Updated February 17th


Updated February 15th

FROSTY – 100 Rox

Updated February 14th

HONK – Scare Bear

Updated February 11th

SID2014 – Safer Internet Day Special Code

Updated February 7th

TOUCHDOWN – Football Helmet

YAKA – Bangers and Mash




EGGNOG – 50 Rox


TINSEL – 50 Rox


TWISTMAS – 500 Rox


GIVEAWAY – 100 Rox

FAIRYLIGHTS – Chocolate Poppet

SUPERFAN – 100 Rox

WOBBLYDOG – Wobbled Hot Dog

13REDDOTS -150 Rox

DUNDEE18 – (Crocodile) Dundee

BOWLERSHIP25 – 100 Rox

NIGHT – 100 Rox

BUGGYBEV – Bug Juice

TRIDENTS – Moshipedia Poster

KATSWALLPAPER – Katsuma Unleashed Wallpaper


8LEGLOLLY – Spider Lolly

Codes For Clothes


SUNHAT -Hilarious Hat Bonnet

HAPPYBDAY5 – 5th Birthday Hat

TOPHAT – Hilarious TopHat


Cuddly Moshling / Plushies Codes

DINOPARTY – Cuddly Pooky

CH3RRY99 – Cuddly Cherry Bomb

2COOL4SCHOOL – Cuddly Peppy


PONG98 – Cuddly Captain Buck E. Barnacle

SUNNYTWEET – Cuddly Ecto

Theme Park Codes

TURTL3 – Theme Park Cuddly Shelby

X1PI9MZH – Theme Park Balloon Animals

A9YE9YeU – Theme Park Icepresso

O2PTX7OX – Theme Park Fishie In a Bag

O1KF1PWR – Theme Park Merry-Glump-Round

87TEHSFV – Theme Park Bouncy Castle

ZNIYZAVY – Theme Park Ferris Wheel

A9YEC3NJ – Theme Park Katsuma Bumpercar

T2Y6X7FU – Theme Park Helterskelter

0ARNHOA5 – Theme Park Rodeo Machine

We will update this page with new Moshi Monsters codes every time there is a new code out so make sure to come back to get new codes. Leave us a comment below if you have a code you want to share. Make sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win FREE Moshi Monsters prizes from us.

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  2. fatimahashmi says:

    moshiparty_75 rox
    baftayay_fairy cake
    goblin_500 rocks
    jelly_jelly beans

  3. i love moshi monsters it rox

  4. AndreaNelson says:

    I love moshi monster!!!!!!!1

  5. Mabel says:

    thank u fatimahashmi for all those codes (even though I already had some)

  6. Poppetpigs says:

    Moshi monster fans looking forward to the chrissy
    Holidays but we need christmas decorations

  7. queenbee321123 says:

    i love moshi monsters its sooo cool all the codes elped me xx

  8. poppetwatchtv says:

    they all work but the 5 from the bottom doesnt work hope this helps and add me on moshi monsters ^

  9. lolly8 says:

    try carolsinger

  10. Charlottetoo says:

    Please tell Only me one membership code because I don’t want to
    wait till September in 2014

  11. bainley says:

    oh theres another code its MEMBER to get an egyptian cat

  12. tankionline says:

    and tell me what’s your name

  13. tamar says:

    thanks for the awesome codes, but what about a popett trophy? I’m sorry if I said that in a rude way.

  14. blueawsomemilkshake says:

    please friend me

    my monster name on moshi is called:


  15. gulsha says:

    Thanx a lot for the codes but i already had most of them.
    Pleez pleez pleez can you put up codes for free membership

  16. Alexis Morgan says:

    Add me on moshi monsters, sweetcandylollipop0.

  17. dezico11 says:

    Thanks!these codes really helped a lot please make more for non-moshi members and moshi members thank you.

  18. Kierra says:


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  20. hailey says:

    thanks I never used any of them!

  21. lilly says:

    all the codes work for me

  22. Rosiepink112 says:

    moshi monsters are soooooooooo cooooooollllll i love being a member but sadly im not a member any more so everybody be friends with me.

    • Mat says:

      I agree! :) Moshi Monsters are cool!
      I know how to make a new website!
      I could make one for Moshi Monster’s only!
      I think it’s a great idea!
      Do you?
      i >3 moshi monsters! Get your own badge for you clothes-stock.
      what’s your username then?

  23. Natalie says:

    Where do you get the membership code? Or do you not have any?

  24. matman says:

    i luv this website

  25. matman says:

    member ship card plese

  26. ella says:

    These codes are sooo good. Plz post more soon! Anyway, I’m a moshi member. So anyone here wants me to be their friend?
    Username: ella5505864

  27. Mat says:

    Me again, I need some friends. I deleted mine because everyone hacked me. They said in 7 messages letter by letter. Could ella5505864
    add me? I’m not being rude :I I just need some friends. Im:
    My email achives you collectiv- items – And clothes
    ( Furyzomba1 is my back up ) Zombiezoma1 Is my realz 1!

  28. rose says:

    omg i love moshi monsterz friend me

  29. ella(clumsy10sparkly) says:

    i need more codes plz post more anyone

  30. Rose Crisman says:

    There are two codes I know but I forgot what their value of rox are.

  31. sup says:

    codes SUNHAT and TOPHAT did not work for me.

  32. tia murray says:

    best codes ever

  33. tia murray says:

    please be my friend 45bubblegumpoppet01

  34. tia murray says:

    1 code rednose

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  36. roseainia says:

    heres one

    hamsterball works
    enjoy :) sorry if you already used it!

  37. Dynisty says:

    hi most of you codes work but the hard ones those sometimes dont work

  38. mia is epic says:

    sup peeps add me im miamoomoo

  39. mia is epic says:

    sup im mia plllzzz add me ill give u a gift if u add me

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    thx for all the codes they really come n handy :)

  42. harrald says:

    you should have a membership code 😛

  43. Opal_fashionista (natashabear) says:

    Monstocity1 works because moshi monsters emailed me the code and it gives u ROX 😀

  44. mahnoor says:

    where am i supposed to put in the codes

    • MoshiMonsterPlanet19 says:

      when you are on the moshi monsters homepage just scroll down until you see a button that says “got a secret code”! then it will take you to the place to enter them all in. I hope this helps you mahnoor!

  45. george jacob says:

    cool site and educational

  46. Siena says:


    I wish that I was a member. If you get a membership code can you put that on the list?

    your friend,

  47. Madalyn says:

    whats your twiter name?

  48. Isra says:

    Add me on moshi monsters:

    😀 Please may i have some membership codes or some rox codes?

  49. janellisierra says:

    rainbowjelly for a bean trophy (pink)

  50. Viktoria says:

    put robot and you have food

  51. rosefaelnar says:

    Hi guys, pls. add me!

  52. rosefaelnar says:

    my name is rosefaelnar

  53. cutelook says:

    this is awesome i got lots of rox thanks

  54. hi i have one code its a seed and i think you put 2 more seeds any random one and you will get hocus the wizard and the code is
    icicles engoy :)

  55. charlie says:

    it is so good because they all work

  56. milwal12 says:

    i got something like 1200 rox through this site and another one, thanks for all the codes, me and my sister lilarose05 appreciate them very much..
    add me my username is milwal12

  57. Emily says:

    hey thanks for the codes ive got 8000 rox now

  58. Emily says:

    Give more codes for rox its my target to get 10,000 rox.

  59. Kimberley775 says:

    It is the best thing in the world I love it so much I defiantly like poppet,luvli and katsuma my favourite moshlings are white fang and mr snoodle

  60. sandra says:

    I like the codes it is so awsome and give more codes for more items in furniture :)

  61. FFION says:


  62. swagmaster21234 says:

    add me on moshi monsters swagmaster21234

  63. Shyenne says:

    These are amazing! I put in every code! Took 4 hours but.. :)

  64. torchwood12 says:

    hey try this code: DISCO. you will get a fizzbang poster please add me my name is torchwoood12

  65. nona says:

    some of the codes don’t work but the ones that do are awesome. but chimney is a snowman not 1 rox

  66. sasha says:

    add me anyone my username is sasha2435465768

  67. HayLuvBug1! says:

    Hi guys! I Love this website the codes were very helpful, even though i already had most of them! thnx! Everyone feel free to friend me on moshi monsters, accepting ALL friend request! i am a member! my username is rosey45555, friend me please!! thank you.

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    it works for any one

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    Thanks for the codes i would really like to be a super moshi or moshi member so please can you post some membership codes and my user is my name

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    OMG it worked I am so rich I a member still I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT

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