Moshi Monsters Cheats and Tips

We have the best Moshi Monsters cheats and tips for you than any other site out there today. There are always new cheats and tips everyday to make your gaming experience better. If you are looking for Moshi Monsters codes than you need to head over to our Moshi Monsters Secret Codes page. However, if you are looking for some fun Moshi Monsters cheats and tips than take a look below to see how we can help you.

Moshi Monsters Cheats and Tips

Easy Rox Cheats

Here are some cheats or tips to get easy rox for your pet monster rather than just typing in codes for rox.

Moshi Monsters RoxThe first way to get some rox is to plant three magic beans in your moshling garden and wait until they are fully grown. When you go back to dig out the beans you will get anywhere from 1 to 100 rox all depending on how healthy your pet monster is.

Are you not scoring well on the daily challenge or want to play it again? Then use this Moshi Monsters cheat to play again and earn more rox. To do this you need to right click on your monster then go home to undo the click. The next step is to drink a toad soda and head back to the daily challenge and click to play again. For this cheat to work you need to do it before you completed the daily challenge for the day.

This next one requires you to be a Moshi Monsters member. When you arrive at the port on the map you will see rox trees. To get the rox from the trees simply click on the tree and rox will fall. If you want to get more rox then sign out of your account and sign back in and go back to the port and click on the trees again.

You can also get some rox by planting any three seeds. Plant any three seeds in your garden go home and immediately come back. When you head back to the garden you may see a blue thing growing. Put your pointer over it and see if it says “Rox flower”. If it does, come back when it is fully grown and click on the tree to get rox. Then sign out and sign back in and click on the tree again.

Another easy way to get rox is to go to the garden cart on Main Street and buy three rox flowers. Then go to your garden to plant them and wait until they are grown. When you dig them up you will get 100 rox.

On this Moshi Monsters cheats tip you need to have 999 happiness and health. Now go to Main Street again and buy three dragon fruits seeds and plant them in your moshling garden. When they are done growing you will either see a rox plant that you can dig up for 20 to 50 rox or you will just attract the Chopchop moshling.

This one is not really a cheat but rather a tip while you are playing the game. Go to the Puzzle Palace and do the daily quizzes. If you get ten answers or more right you should receive at least 100 rox after the quiz is over. You can do as many quizzes as you want to receive free rox. The least you will ever get is 5 rox per quiz.

How To Grow Moshling Seeds Faster

These are some Moshi Monsters cheats to have your moshling seeds grow faster.

The first one is to plant your seeds log off for 15 to 20 minutes then log back in. Go to your moshling garden and you plants will have grown a lot.

For the next one all you need to do is plant your three seeds then go to the Puzzle Palace and play the puzzles for 15 minutes. Now go back to the garden and see how much your seeds have grown. Do not log off when you do this.

Level Up Moshi Monsters Faster

These are some simple cheats or tips that you can do to level up your pet Moshi Monster up faster.

If you are very close to leveling up these Moshi Monsters cheats will work to get to the next level. First, buy and eat two of your monster’s favorite food items and log off your account for five minutes. When you log back in, go to the store and buy some cheap clothes items and wear them and then head back to your house. You should have enough xp to level up again.

Make sure you play the daily challenge and score high on it every day. Every time you play the daily challenge your level meter will increase. You should also be playing at least five other puzzles a day to increase your level meter as well. Puzzles are not the only thing that will increase your level meter. Every time you plant seeds in your moshling garden your level meter will also increase a bit as well.

The next option is to go to your monsters house and click on the profile tab above the happiness and healthy meter on the left. Pick your monsters favorite food item and game. Then go to the store and buy that food item and feed it to your monster. Then go to the puzzle challenges and play your monsters favorite game. If this is done well the level meter will increase a lot. Remember though that it takes longer after level 3 to increase the meter. To learn what food items bring you the most health points check out our Moshi Monsters food cheats.

If your happiness and health meters are low you will not be able to level up to the next level. If they are low you need to feed your monster and buy items and decorate your room. To get even more points towards your level meter you might want to buy another room so you have two. Or perhaps you might want a bigger house. Both will get you a lot of points and will help you get to that next level faster.

Your Moshi Monsters’ happiness is a key role in leveling up your pet monster. To learn how to keep your monster happy take a look at our Moshi Monsters happiness tips page. If you need happiness points we have the best hints you can do to get points fast.

Tickling your pet monster is another way to level up faster. If you tickle your monster it will laugh and gain happiness points which also increase the level meter. To tickle your pet simply click on it and move your pointer around. Don’t tickle it to much though or it will get annoyed at you.

How To Get Two Moshlings

Yes, there is a way to get two moshlings at once. To learn how you can get two moshlings at a time by planting the right plants in your garden check out our How To Get Two Moshings cheat page.

If you have any other Moshi Monsters cheats or tips that you know of we invite you to share them with us by leaving a comment below. Have fun playing Moshi Monsters and don’t forget to friend us on Moshi Monsters. Our name is MoshiMonsterPlanet19.

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