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Moshi Monsters Codes October 2014


Hey Moshi Monsters fan, I apologize that I have not posted for awhile, I have been extremely busy but now I am back.

Lucky for all of you, I have some new Moshi Monsters codes for October 2014 to share with all of you.

moshi monster codes october

There are quite a few of new Moshi Monsters codes that you can type in to get free prizes so just start with the first one.

You can only use each code once per account. Let’s get started shall we?

Moshi Monsters Codes October 2014

OOHSKY will give you a Beanstalk Walpaper to hang in your room.

VROOMS will unlock a Rydell’s Scooter for you.

BITSMELLY unlocks a nice Giant’s T-Shirt Framed.

BEANSTALK260 is for a Beanstalk Slide.

ROARS will give you a Roarberry Cheesecake.

Use KABOOM for a Red Button.

Type in TOOCOOL if you want a Monster Graffiti Wallpaper.

BUCCANEER unlocks Cavi-arrr to eat.

Crunch will give you a Quenut Butter Sandwhich.

GREENS will unlock some yummy Chocolate Coated Broccoli.

The code AWESOME will give you 89 Rox.

LUMPY unlocks a Carton of Sour Milk.

DRIZZLE can give you 101 Rox to spend.

QUICK dishes out another 97 Rox.

CRABBY4 gives you a yummy Crab and Jelly Sandwhich.

Type in BUCKETFUL for another 234 Rox.

I hope you guys injoy using these new Moshi Monsters codes for October 2014. Make sure to check back often as we are always providing you with new codes.

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